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Basil seeds have a beneficial nutritional value and people can easily incorporate them into many dishes.

Basil seeds are high in fiber, particularly soluble fiber, including pectin .

Here are some ways the fiber in basil seeds may benefit your health:

  1. Just 1 tablespoon (0.5 ounces or 13 grams) of basil seeds is a good source of iron, calcium, and magnesium — which could help fill important shortfalls in your diet.
  2. Helps you meet your fiber quota. Just 1 tablespoon (13 grams or 0.5 ounces) of basil seeds supplies 7 grams of fiber — 25% of the RDI. Only about 5% of Americans eat enough fiber .
  3. May support gut health. Test-tube studies suggest that pectin has prebiotic benefits, meaning it may nourish and increase beneficial gut bacteria. This may include anti-inflammatory bacteria that support gut health .
  4. May help you feel full. Pectin may delay stomach emptying and increase hormone levels that promote a sense of fullness. Still, it’s uncertain whether eating basil seeds to curb appetite is an effective weight loss strategy .
  5. May aid blood sugar control. When people with type 2 diabetes ate 10 grams (3/4 tablespoon) of basil seeds in water after each meal for a month, their post-meal blood sugar was 17% lower than at the start of the study .
  6. May improve cholesterol. Pectin may lower blood cholesterol by inhibiting cholesterol absorption in your gut. People who ate 30 grams (7 teaspoons) of basil seeds daily for one month had an 8% drop in total cholesterol .

Due to a lack of recent scientific research on basil seeds, more studies are needed to confirm these health benefits.

SUMMARYBasil seeds contain soluble fiber, which may promote gut health, blood sugar control, healthy cholesterol levels, and appetite control. However, more research in these areas is needed.

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NAM VIET Foods & Beverage JSC

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300 cartons



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18 Months

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L/C, MoneyGram, Paypal, T/T, Western Union

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Basil Seed, Mango

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dry place, Keep in a cool

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600 Twenty-Foot Containers per month